Innovative aquaculture for the future


A wide range of farmed fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Climate Compliant

Protecting the oceans, capturing carbon and reducing food miles.

Next Generation Resources

Accessing advanced next generation renewables, water harvesting, and materials.

Capturing Knowledge

Collecting information and integrating "best of breed" technology

Matsya Aqua Philosophy

Fish production the Matsya way. By detaching from oceans, and growing in a manner that is sensitive to the environment, we guarantee the integrity and quality of our produce.

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About Us

Our experienced team brings skills and expertises from various sectors in order to produce fish at the lowest operational cost.

Our Aquaculture

Our approach to aquaculture is a zero waste, carbon negative, zero water discharge approach which ensures high productivity of fish and self sufficiency by ensuring on-site feed production.

Our Technology

Our technology portfolio comprises gas-liquid transfer technologies, disinfection technologies, isothermal gas-liquid separation technologies, solid-liquid separation technologies, feed production technologies, algal bioreactors and fermentation technologies, and water remediation.