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Matsya's Continuous Feed Production

Matsya's continuous feed production system uses a combination of microbes to up-convert waste from fish grow tanks which is continuously recovered by a novel low cost solid separation technique known as DZ flotation, supplemented with farm and other natural wastes, forming a highly nutritious protein and lipid rich feed. Our cost of production can be as low as £50/tonne.

Our bespoke microbubble fermentation systems and using novel algal bioreactor technology with our exclusive partners, ensures some of the lowest cost feed production which also has high protein and lipid content.

Core algae and fermentation technology

Core algae and fermentation reactor technology is unique and patent protected.
A wide variety of waste materials can be up-converted including vegetative waste from crop production, animal processing wastes and waste carbon dioxide gas - we can provide solutions bespoke to location and waste source.

Feed production -Proteen™