About Us

What We Do

Matsya has bespoke designs and novel processes for producing fish in the most economical and sustainable manner. Matsya retrofits existing and builds new aquaculture systems on a turn-key, revenue share basis. Contact us if you would like to discuss options. We also operate our own facilities integrating advanced data analytics and sophisticated online marketing to optimise performance against financial strategy. We are especially interested in "city centric" and distributed production - noting that Matsya technology scales down without compromising margin on sales.

We offer a full advisory service aimed at improving client system performance, protocol development for new species, optimisation of client waste-stream conversion to high protein/lipid feed and financial modelling and investment options for fish production. Our longer term road-map focuses towards "protein as a green sustainable food ingredient" for human consumption.

Management Team

A strong and focussed team with wide ranging expertise and experience in several different fields. The core team comprises of people with a deep technology and commercial background which enables them to design systems capable of collapsing aquaculture production prices.


Dr. Pratik Desai

CEO and Technical Director- Co-founder
Co-Inventor of the DZFO technology and principal developer of several patent families. Inventor or Co-Inventor of all Matsyatech Inventions and Processes. Responsible for oversight of the design, construction and commissioning process and associated engineering and technical teams together with Matsya's innovation pipeline.

Wide ranging expertise in technology invention, development, and licensing across multiple industries. He has long standing knowledge and relationships across UAE, India, and the Far East. He is a deep tech consultant to several Fortune 500 corporations yielding over 267Mn in savings. He is a Government and Board level advisor and has also been invited on several Government level advisory boards and business roundtables internationally.


Dr. Andrew King

CCO and Commercial Director - Co-founder
Jointly responsible for business development strategy, identifying new customers and licensing opportunities.

Co-founder and patentee across several advanced engineering sectors and former executive at ICI and Zeneca Plc. Responsible for many transactions across multiple technologies, markets and territories. Highly multidisciplinary expertise in identifying, financing, formulating credible operational strategy, building relationships and road mapping of high-tech business ventures.

Board experience across UK, Germany, Switzerland and Italy and widely travelled, maintaining close links to businesses across USA, Australasian, African and Asia Pacific territories.


Professor William Zimmerman

Academic Advisor and Co-founder
Director, University of Sheffield, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

A graduate of Princeton and Stanford Universities, author of over 200 publications in advanced engineering and modelling biochemical systems and patentee in the field of fluidics. He is an author of the best selling book on Multiphysics modelling, and inventor/co-inventor of 4 patents.

One of the top fluid dynamicists in the world, he has won several prestigious awards for his groundbreaking work such as 2009 Institution of Chemical Engineers Moulton Medal, 2010 AXA Insurance Cleantech Open UK winner and
2010 Royal Society Innovation Award (Brian Mercer Fund).