Best of Breed Technology

Matsya has designed and integrated a number of technologies which achieve the highest performing aquaculture system as measured by cost of fish production and fish yield.

Our technology solutions are highly versatile and can be adapted to meet the requirements of individual customers, locations, species or combination of species.

Key features of our aquaculture:

Low Cost Oxygenation

Lowest operating cost for oxygen delivery to achieve supersaturation at ambient pressure which greatly benefits fish health.

Fast Respired Gas Stripping

Fastest stripping rates of dissolved ammonia and carbon dioxide (3-15 thousand times faster compared to competitors) carrying the lowest total expenditure globally.

High Level Biosecurity

Low cost, high performance disinfection.

Low Cost Waste to Feed

Advanced bioreactor technology for waste to feed conversion which outperforms the competition as measured by £/tonne feed produced.

Zero Discharge Water Treatment

Best performing waste and water treatment technology currently operating at 1000's of L/s.

Sophisticated Integrated System

Sophisticated integration of grow, waste to feed and sterilisation technologies into a highly intensive, carbon neutral, zero discharge system.

Core Technologies

Our award winning aeration technology is being implemented for continuous water treatment technologies at large scale across the globe.