Matsya Intense™ - The vertical approach to aquaculture

Matsya Intense TM - The vertical approach to aquaculture

Matsya IntenseTM is a fully integrated system incorporating all of Matsya technologies with the objective of producing fish at the lowest possible cost and negative carbon footprint. Matsya Intense achieves up to 400 kg/m3 which is made possible by the dynamic manner in which respiration gases and solids wastes are continuously removed and any limitation in supply of oxygen is eliminated. Interestingly, we observe that the high oxygenic conditions achieved in our grow tanks greatly benefit fish health by stimulating and increasing the activity of oxidase enzymes which make fish more able to counter and control undesirable organisms. Such mechanisms have been reported in the literature as being beneficial to live fish.

Our Feeding Systems

By generating feed in the system and operating on a zero-discharge basis, Matsya Intense TM typically carries a negative carbon footprint, effectively sinking waste carbon into fish protein. At scale we have the lowest production cost of any aquaculture system - being able to compete on cost with fish imported into the UK and EU.

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Matsya Intense™